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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Freja Beha .. better than ever in Numéro

I have not been this inspired in a long time ! Amazing !!

love to feel inspired ... I have to shop the closet now to get the look.... I'm off tomorrow.. and I feel like going through all my clothes, to see what I can find... so I can copy copy / paste paste you know that feeling...?

My sister sells vintage jewlery and she left a box here with a ton of huge chunky stuff... this editorial definately was my cue to go through that too, now..

Love E VE R Y T H I NG about it...

Actually found the images in the blog I have linked to In the Title ...

Does she not look BEAUTIFUL here , Freja ????


Lori said...

freja is soo stunning in these photos! i love her with her short hair the best

elisabet said...

Freja really is the IT model right now, and I definitley understands why:)