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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

penthouse feat. Madonna in her birthday-suit

Found these AMAZING pics on the fab fab blog : wunderbuzz .....

how cool to see her like this right ??

kitch-bitch !

love it

look @ her & look @ hair

when I first saw this girls hair- (she's from cobrasnake .. see link on top)...
I felt like a very little girl just emediately wanna copy it.. like I felt with Madonna in the 90's ..and so... I'm going too...

wish me luck... I'm a bit crazy-conservative when it comes to my hair...

please link to more pictures of this stunner !!

love E

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Madonna + dirty flaws+ ebay = happiness in a silver cross

look at this wonderful divine fashion-find...

Dirty Flaws.. is a great fashion blog with lots of inspiration.. find it here

I had do jump into buying them.. I will wear only one can get these killer ear rings too


love E

Monday, September 28, 2009



Found these pics on the Jak and Jill blog

and that dress just kills me....

I's got a vintage touch about it.. yet it's absolutely fresh looking....

I red Fergie wore it too.... and on her it would look like acrylic finger nails and lots of colors ... but here... it's perfection !!!!!!!

vera wang lavender boots

I bought these boots 2 weeks ago... I own a LOT of boots... but I've live in these ever since they came to my doorstep...

they are much much better in real life.. the leather is soft and thick like the wang leather- you know....

PHEW.... and they are comfortable.... and tall.....

love them... and love them some more

this is my latest DIY....

I while ago I saw this vest in the botttom to the left from Acne.. the blog " Anywho" posted it... I fell in love... and found an old vintage brown leather jacket off ebay...

I cut off the arms.... and now I have this amazing vest that I really really love !!
Yesterday I wore it with a long black slinky vintage dress.. and my favorite boots from Vera Wang.. and huge monies clips...

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Pyyy-haa - velkommen til et kapitalistisk/escapistisk ønske -outfit !

Den svært vanedannende modeblog " Anywho" udlover den mest fantastiske halskæde til bedste kombi-outfit...

(har det lidt som i gymnastiktimerne i folkeskolen- pick me pick me pick meeeeeeee )...

Nå, anywho , det er Ikke svært at kombinere den fine Monies kæde med nogle af mine personlige "sæsonens musthaves".

Velourbukser fra Chloé til den nette sum af 1.560 $

Body fra Yves Saint Laurent til bare 1.090 $

baseball leather cap til 25 $ fra the clothing lab

støvler fra Tabitha Simmons til 1.395 $

taske "Black Thrilla" fra Km Rii til 648 $

neglelak fra Opi

Tilsat et lille Pete Doherty soundtrack - så man kan svømme væk i forglemslen af den ulidelige vished om alle de penge man lige har brugt !

Nå, men hej hej !


Thursday, September 17, 2009


LE Fashion - amazing blog !- are giving these Zara Python pants away.... I want them bad ! I would wear them with a Rick Owens cardigan cocoon style, Carin Wester boots, a Wang t-shirt, the Km Rii bag, and lots of raw/beautiful jewelry !!!!


Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Acne atacoma sælges

jeg sælger nu mine ACNE ATACOMA med sølv- panel , eftersom de er udsolgt og prisen bliver højere når de kommer hjem igen....

så sælger jeg dem til prisen jeg selv gav 2700

de er en str 38...