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Sunday, October 25, 2009



good stuff from aussie-land- but that jumpsuit....!!!! mmmm mmmm mmmm

klik on top for link


found these on

how cool are these.... link on top ..if you need them too

Saturday, October 24, 2009

trying on ASOS ? ...

rigtig ofte klikker jeg ind i ASOS shoppen, men jeg er tit hurtigt ude igen... jeg kan ikke rigtigt abstrahere fra at deres billeder, modeller og opsætning ser lidt for "poppet" ud efter min smag,...

Anyway- i dag fandt jeg noget jeg ikke kunne modstå.... noget der minder en lille smule om den PUGH jakke jeg bloggede om tidligere denne måned....

og et par andre sager ... ups....

Trying on ASOS - I often go in their shop... and browse around.. I never really bought anything before- I don't really like their styling or the set-up...It looks a bit hoochy to me- but maybe it's fantastic once the items get in my own wardrobe.. I'm trying it out. I could always return...

hehe- that long dress though - so simple- can't fail.. unless the fabric is terrible ..

have a great day

I thought I can always return them..

Friday, October 23, 2009


OK... here is my new date... he's called Jeffrey C...

he said :

let me work on that zipper baby- ( Prince)..

Saw them bought them.. did'nt think twize about it....







Thursday, October 22, 2009

katte i løbetid- pyyyh, nej tak

Hvad er værre end en kat i løbetid....? Rigtigt, en kat der er neutraliseret, men alligevel agerer som én der er klar på at føde 67977 kuld killinger i løbet af den næste måneds tid....

Først, sent hjem fra studiet....( alt for sent) kl.03.15
så bliver man holdt vågen af et lille pelset kræ, med skinger stemmeføring.. indtil vækkeuret ringer kl 7.30 og man tror det er en spøg....

well - op og i tøjet...

i dag havde jeg mine elskede Carin Wester støvler på...
leggings frs sparks
bandage nederdel fra Topshop
t-shirt fra Acne
silkebluse vintage
og min yndlings skindjakke fra Noir
bodychain fra Litter...
de store sølvkors fra ebay i ørene

det hele i sort.... så klart- det er vel en sorgens dag :)

nogen der ved om man kan få holdkæftbolcher til katte-kræ ?

p.s det er synderen der er på billedet !

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

won hundred selling these babies too

size 37 ...

JEAN P. Gaultier for TARGET !!!!!!!!!!!!!!


drops march 7th

breakdown and


they are not warm... but I will wear them, with a sweater under....


It's a deroute for me... I always find something I have to have, whenever I go to their webshop... GAAAAH...

please forgive me bank for I know not what I do !

ZEBRA ashis for topshop i'm selling these now size 5 38

never really wore them..... soooo

selling to the highest bidder here and on

selling cuz I want the Rick owens ones...saw them in my farfetch newsletter and just HAD to have them... but they´re not free... lemme tell ya !!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

DRESSES in paradise

I was at a wedding recently.. and boy, had I only seen these dresses earlier... they are from Georgia Hardinge.. and just what I was looking for, in terms of shape and color. I enden up wearing a black slinky and very long silk dress ...

found these pics on fashion hedonism here

the tie die leggings I would tie die for

I bought this from Nenee on I've been wearing them SOOOOO much.... love them... they are even better in real life :)

check her out here : nenee

Friday, October 16, 2009


HERE is a tester of one of the pairs ... Imagine the exposure these glasses will get !!!



There is nothing you can't get there..! I'ts so cool how you can et other people DIY projects ...and new edgy stuff.... and even a LOT of great vintage ....

it's my new ebay...

Look at this vintage fur I

should I get or not.. ... ?

SCORETT ... retten til sko ??


Jeg har set flere bloggere gå bananas over disse sko...... KAN man virkelig kun få dem i Sverige... ?????

Got these picture from the swedish blog "" .... the very last pair are my favorite... Pardon for any bilingual confusion this post may cause ....

warm-happy-fashionable /ÅÅÅRH JEG ER GLAD !!!

Jeg har købt dem nu... af dejlige og meget stylish Marie fra

- efter at have ledt efter dem på TS i evigheder... De er meget bedre end ventet.. og DET er vildt... de er foret med det lækreste bløde lam..

Hun måtte have de fine Camilla Skovgaard wedges med larvefod-sål.. jeg solgte mine Acne Atacomas for at få disse...

small world .. eller ....

FINALLY GOT MY FAVORITE BOOTS::: bought them from marie ...

and you know what ? - the shoes fit !

Monday, October 5, 2009

wooden sunnies

here is a link for the coolest freshest looking sunnies I've seen in a long time...

because I'm addicted posted these..

Whyred holder lagersalg torsdag d. 8 oktober - søndag d. 10 oktober 2009.

Op til 70% på tidligere kollektioner - S/S 08, A/W 08, S/S 09 & A/W 09, samt kollektionsprøver til favorable priser. Ta' 3 par denim for prisen af 2.

Kom og gør et fund hos:

WHYRED Herluf Trolles Gade 9, 2 sal
1052 KBH K

Torsdag d.8 oktober: 16.00-20.00
Fredag d. 9 oktober: 10.00-20.00
Lørdag d. 10 oktober: 10.00-18.00
Søndag d. 11 oktober: 10.00-16.00

Vi tager både imod kontant betaling samt elektroniske kort.

Vi glæder os til at se dig!


givenchy musthaves !!

call me ... hrrm.. whatever... my friends are having babies... I just want these ... so bad !!!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Freja Beha .. better than ever in Numéro

I have not been this inspired in a long time ! Amazing !!

love to feel inspired ... I have to shop the closet now to get the look.... I'm off tomorrow.. and I feel like going through all my clothes, to see what I can find... so I can copy copy / paste paste you know that feeling...?

My sister sells vintage jewlery and she left a box here with a ton of huge chunky stuff... this editorial definately was my cue to go through that too, now..

Love E VE R Y T H I NG about it...

Actually found the images in the blog I have linked to In the Title ...

Does she not look BEAUTIFUL here , Freja ????

Friday, October 2, 2009

SPENDOMANISM + bank = LETHAL cocktail

Shopping my closet...........!!

ooops ... well.. here goes.... I just got a letter from the bank... and it was not a happy one... Well how can I put this .. I need a stronger word for shop-o-holism ... Maybe - spendo-maniac..(?) .... anyway...!.

The letter I wont bore you with... it pretty much was just a little reminder that my wardrobe is very V E R Y equipped for this fall.... If you catch my drift ...nutch nutch..

But eehm...

I'm a vintage freak.... and I plan on showing you some of my wardrobe highlights !

here goes...

vintage Python boots from the 80'es

Cut-out leather jacket from the 80'es

indian leather vest with with full fox boa attached and real silver "plates"

Flat vintage boots with rhinestones from italian ebay....

alexander wang bag

bandage dress from Whyred

These items should all be seen on somebody.... but I'm not much of an exhibistionist - yet...

I hope you still get the picture ;)


leather gloves -opera style !!

Hey... it's sad but wearing gloves is becoming more and more of a reality.. Oooh and thank God I have this amazing knitted poncho - from "Creme de la Creme a la Edgar" ... I would love to have these long opera-gloves sticking out from it.. with my hands in them...
I bought some off ebay...

the headliner is a link for them

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Chanel vs. O.P.I mash-up


everytime there's a new nailpolish trend... I pick up on it almost fanatically .. I guess it has to do with the fact that nailpolish is such an easy way to change the style of whatever you're wearing from quirky to stylish to trashy to clyssy.. you're looking at your hands all damn day, and it's refreshing with something new on the eye..

Anyway I got all the matte nail laquers from O.P.I ... and Of course I bought the Chanel jade as soon as it hit the stores... like I did with the black the blue the rouge/noir.. .. and so on....

about a month ago, I kinda felt bad about being such a slave to Chanel... I'm a purse and polish collector ... I guess , it all adds up.... hrrm hrrm...

back to the point... I bought a bottle of Matte white O.P.I nail polish, and now I have tried to mix my own palet of colors mostly pastèl .... But I love what came out of it....

take a splash of the white out on a paper or some plastic ex. a lid from a water bottle...

take the color you want to mix it with , and try out at first with a tiny tiny bit... like 10 to 1.... mix it with the pale side of a match or the likes.. and wupti ! .. new nail polish !

you can get the white O.P.I here

looky looky


OK- I know not everybody likes this collection ..but I find that I need those pants ... with patches, and the boxer waistline ( everlast-style ) I would style them with a white t-shirt with statement shoulders ..tugged in.... a long necklase - and my favorite jeffrey campbell boots ...
that said - WTF is up with that make-up ... it looks like an undertaker had it's way with the models ....

I should be so lucky - PUT A statement RING ON IT !

HOW amazing is this gold ring ??!!

My boyfriend had it made for me by a smith.. it's a real scarab ( dong beatle) in some weird hard substance - plexi or something... it's huge.. and I love it..and him..

very chunky !

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

penthouse feat. Madonna in her birthday-suit

Found these AMAZING pics on the fab fab blog : wunderbuzz .....

how cool to see her like this right ??

kitch-bitch !

love it

look @ her & look @ hair

when I first saw this girls hair- (she's from cobrasnake .. see link on top)...
I felt like a very little girl just emediately wanna copy it.. like I felt with Madonna in the 90's ..and so... I'm going too...

wish me luck... I'm a bit crazy-conservative when it comes to my hair...

please link to more pictures of this stunner !!

love E